Moksha Yoga LA Instructor, Joe Komar


When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.  ~Author Unknown



Joe’s Bio:

Joe discovered his yoga practice after reading a Twitter post about how hot yoga can improve wakeboarding skills. With an athletic background that included years of football, weightlifting, and not nearly enough stretching, Joe stepped into the hot room for the first time simply searching for a way to increase his flexibility and become leaner for his favorite hobby. While hot yoga has helped Joe accomplish that original goal of being a better wakeboarder, there is no way he could have known at that first class how much more it would do for him.Over the next year, Joe found himself coming back to his mat more and more frequently, because yoga was not only changing his body physically, but was also helping him to manage stress and bring balance into his life. Taking on the challenge of living the American dream, Joe spent 10 years as a computer software consultant, traveling tirelessly from his home in Chicago to wherever the work was. In his 7th year, Joe started his own company. He had everything he’d always thought he wanted, but something was still missing. While attending a spiritual retreat in Bali (an extremely uncharacteristic activity up to that point), Joe unknowingly started down a new path. Joe learned quickly that letting go and riding the wave is where he experienced true happiness, whether in a literal sense (on his wakeboard) or in a metaphorical sense (through his yoga practice and his approach to life in general). This is exactly what he did when he attended the Moksha teacher training in Brazil. Since returning, Joe has found freedom in living the “yoga life”. Once deepening his involvement with the Moksha community by becoming an instructor, Joe’s continued journey took him to Prince Edward Island in Canada, where he taught at Moksha Yoga Charlottetown and now has brought him Moksha Yoga LA. Feeling fortunate and inspired each day, Joe has realized he is living his own version of the American dream more than ever, sharing his love for yoga and life with all of those around him.

Join Yoga Instructor Joe Komar for the Downward Dog Flow Workshop at Moksha Yoga LA to learn the fundamentals.  Sunday July 22, 2012.  7-9 p.m.  340 South La Brea Avenue  Los Angeles, CA 90036