Meet Husband and Wife Yoga Instructors Ryan and Sarah Canfield

Sarah’s Bio:
Sarah Canfield became a yoga teacher in 2001 to help others find the same bliss that she found in this sacred practice. Sarah has taught at popular studios all over from San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and NYC. She is currently the Yoga Director of Mahasukha a nonprofit Dharma center in LA. Her first yoga teacher was her mother who inspired the creation of this book. The love that Sarah has for both yoga and writing shines through her teachings to all ages of yogis.

Ryan’s Bio:

Ryan’s journey of practicing yoga began under the guidance of his wife, Sarah Canfield, in 2001. He considers himself to be ”the slowest yogi ever to wake up” as he went years practicing with motivation more attuned to being a good husband and attending the ”occasional” class then investigating deep within. This all changed when by the grace of his teachers the profound effects of the practice became too obvious to ignore. Ryan received his 200 hour Teacher Training through Hot8Yoga in Santa Monica. He now takes great pleasure in sharing this ancient tradition of awakening one’s true self to infinite joy.

Ryan’s style of teaching is influenced by Tibetan Heart Yoga. Yoga that reunites authentic ancient wisdom teachings with modern asana lineages. The ”inner methods” (meditation and philosophy) and ”outer methods” (physical poses and breath work) have been combined for a practice infused with wisdom and compassion.

Check out “Yoga with Frog and Rabbit” written by Sarah Canfield, is a children’s yoga book with 16 wonderful color illustrations by Louisa Roberts. On a high mountain near a still pond, Frog helps his best friend Rabbit discover yoga, peace and happiness; and thru reading this book – so do we. This yoga book is an educational fun tale for kids ages 2-6 that adults will find engaging and enlightening!