Morning Yoga with Ezmeralda Stavroff from Moksha Yoga LA

“The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” BKS Iyengar

Ezmy’s Bio: I love life…I love yoga. I see life as an incredible adventure. I hope to bring honesty, authenticity and lightness to my classes. Holding a space to let people explore…Their bodies, minds, hearts:)  I did my teacher training in India and spent over 2 months traveling and exploring. I met many beautiful teachers there and had some incredible experiences. I love all forms of yoga and love to learn and grow as a teacher and a student. I’ve also spent time in Thailand, Japan, Loas, Korea and have enjoyed the challenges and gifts that opening your mind to different cultures and experiences bring.   I LOVE teaching and hope to bring something a little different to each class: focusing on the breath, being here now, letting your practice be your own, and opening up fully to the experience as it is each day.  I love trying new things and experiencing life fully. I love meeting new people, dancing, reading, writing, singing, eating, laughing, crying, walking slowly, handstands, challenging myself, seeing beauty in everything, sitting near the ocean, drinking tea while people watching, among many other things. May your practice help you open your heart and mind to the unlimited potential of your being 🙂  Namaste

I I had so much fun hanging out and photographing the beautiful Ezmy! She makes me smile, teaches me to be present, to breathe, to cultivate patience and strength. Ezmy makes class fun yet challenging. Look forward to seeing you soon on the mat Ezmy. Namaste.